Johnny McNichol taken in Cooper Street around 1948.

Cooper Street

Cooper Street ran from Newport Road to Newport Street (alongside the railway line) and crossed Cannon Street.  Newspaper articles, images of Cooper Street and the people who lived there (click photos to enlarge) Alan Thompson Steve McNichol Johnny McNichol Ann Cooper Wade Pauline Haskins Kevin Heald Bartaby

50 Boundary Road – Northumberland Hotel

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceMark Outhwaite37HeadHotel ManagerDurham, DURCaroline Outhwaite33Wife Durham, DURHerbert Outhwaite13Son Durham, DURMatthew Outhwaite11Son Durham, DUREdith Outhwaite7Daughter Durham, DURArchie Kerrison30Boarder Eston, YKSMargaret Eliz Thompson18ServantServantWharton, CHSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupation     Located on the south east side of Cannon Street on the corner of Boundary Road and Adam Street.

224 Cannon Street

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplacePhillips Roberts52HeadFurnace FiremanGuernseyMary Roberts50Wife Dowlais, WalesMichael Roberts26SonGeneral labourerMiddlesbrough, YKSPhilip Roberts21SonSwift minerMiddlesbrough, YKSWinifred Roberts15DaughterMother’s helpMiddlesbrough, YKSJohanna Roberts12DaughterSchoolMiddlesbrough, YKSSelby Thompson31Son-in-LawMetal carrierStockton, DURMary Ann Thompson30Daughter Dowlais, WalesDorothy Thompson6GranddaughterSchoolMiddlesbrough, YKSBridget Thompson5GranddaughterSchoolMiddlesbrough, YKSMary A Thompson3Granddaughter Middlesbrough, YKSJohn Thompson7 mGrandson Middlesbrough, YKSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupation    Located on the South East side of Cannon Street between Ann Street and Unthank Street. 

192 Cannon Street

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceSusan Allgood37HeadGrocerIrelandJames Allgood16SonGrocer’s assistantThornaby, YKSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationKelly’s 1913Edward ThompsonGrocer Located on the South East side of Cannon Street between Banks Street and Rockcliffe Street.