Severs Street

Severs Street ran from Newport Street to Newport Road. Newspaper articles, images of Severs Street and the people who lived there (click photos to enlarge) Jackie Tufnell David Tufnell Olwen Fell Tony Holmes Terry Holmes Dorrie Holmes

354 Cannon Street

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceCaroline Martha Knights44Wife Middlesbrough, YKSWilliam Knights19SonShipyard labourerMiddlesbrough, YKSCharles Knights16SonShoe maker & repairerMiddlesbrough, YKSMaud Knights14Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSAlbert Knights10SonSchoolMiddlesbrough, YKSFred Knights8Son Middlesbrough, YKSGeorge Knights5Son Middlesbrough, YKSRuby Pearl Knights2Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSRichard Knights6 mSon Middlesbrough, YKSJohn Henry Knights23SonMerchant seamanMiddlesbrough, YKSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationWard’s 1902-03J HolmesEngine driver Located on the South East side of Cannon Street between Laws Street and King George Street.