Farrer Street

Farrer Street ran from Marsh Road to Newport Road. Newspaper articles, images of Farrer Street and the people who lived there (click photos to enlarge) Harry Craster Billie Hughes Dickie Swales

189 Cannon Street

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceLily Dresner32HeadSecond-hand clothes dealerRussia PolandEtty Dresner2Daughter Leeds, YKSSarah Ann Danaher16ServantGeneral servantMiddlesbrough, YKSMaurice Serasky28CousinTailor (working)RussiaDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationKelly’s 1913Mrs Anne CrasterConfectioner Located on the North West side of Cannon Street between Kendal Street and Lawson Street. 

179 Cannon Street

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceJohn William Craster46HeadCaulker shipyardNorton, DURAnn Craster40WifeSecond-hand clothes dealerMiddlesbrough, YKSSusannah Craster11DaughterSchoolStockton, DURRobert Craster10SonSchoolStockton, DURJohn Craster9Son Middlesbrough, YKSAnnie Craster6Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSGrace Craster3Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationWard’s 1902-03Burk & CoDrapers Located on the North West side of Cannon Street between Duncombe Street and Kendal Street. 

43 Cannon Street

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceHarris Craster37HeadTailorRussiaRachel Craster36Wife Newcastle, NBLGoldie Lily Craster14Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSCowley Craster11Son Middlesbrough, YKSNathan Craster9Son Middlesbrough, YKSDaniel Craster8Son Middlesbrough, YKSFreda Craster6Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSNetta Craster4Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSHilda Craster1Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationKelly’s 1913Mrs Mary Jane ChapmanWardrobe dealer Located on the North West side of Cannon Street between Denmark Street and Nelson Street.