Norman Potter: Growing up on Milbank Street

Greetings from the great white north. My name is Norman J Potter and I have lived in Canada for the past 51 years. I was born in Middlesbrough in March of 1941, and my home was 78 Milbank street until 1957. I am probably alive today due to the help of family and neighbours helping my mother nurse me […]

Howard Warburton: My Italian family from Cannon Street

Howard Warburton My grandparents Crescenzo and Angelina Borzumato had an ice cream shop at 270 Cannon Street in 1915. They moved to 173 Cannon Street in 1921 and lived there until the shop was knocked down in 1962. My family consisted of my mother Santilla and her sisters Mary, Louise plus brothers Andrew, Tommy and […]

Cannon Street People

A gallery of photos featuring Cannon Street folks that are not linked to a specific street, school, pub or place of worship. The photos are in Surname order. You can use the search box to find people or click on a surname if it’s shown in the Most Common Surnames. Click photos to enlarge Sarah […]