Jean Slavin: Severs Street

Thomas and Robert Fell in the backyard of 23 Severs street early 1930’s

I was born in Croft street the same street my mother, Margaret Fell (nee Newing) had been born but two doors further along. We later moved to Severs street, the street my father had been born in 1920. His father and mother started married life there in 1905. Eight children were born in that little two bedroomed house. My father, Thomas Fell remembered his mother baking a stone of bread every few days and a big pan of stew always on the go, to which she would add things to daily. Even though the house he was born in and the house I was born was on the same street they were different in their layout. No 23 had a long passage with stairs leading up to the bedrooms and a attic, two rooms downstairs cold water and an outside toilet. No 55 which was the lower end of the street had a small step into passage that took you to the living room the stairs to the bedrooms led up from here a second room and then a wooden type lean- to had been built on, in which we had the sink and an ascot heater for hot water gas cooker. We had a small backyard were mother would wash our laundry using a poss tub and mangle The women had an agreement where each would have their own day for hanging out the washing. In about 1959 the council modernized eight houses in lower Severs ours being one of them.  We then had a bathroom and inside toilet a new kitchen with hot running water. My father lived in this house until it was demolished.

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  1. Hi we are the Tuffnell’s barb,dave and Christine mam and dad were jack and Sylvia we lived in 26 severs street think I have been in your house

  2. I remember a bob fell , worked at the old majestic bingo as a dorman , would this be the same man ? Think he passed away in his late 70s around 1990

  3. Billy Dunn of 25 Severs Street was my life long friend from our early childhood util his death in 2010. We grew up together and I married his sister (Linda)

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