Howard Warburton: My Italian family from Cannon Street

Howard Warburton

My grandparents Crescenzo and Angelina Borzumato had an ice cream shop at 270 Cannon Street in 1915. They moved to 173 Cannon Street in 1921 and lived there until the shop was knocked down in 1962. My family consisted of my mother Santilla and her sisters Mary, Louise plus brothers Andrew, Tommy and Patsie-better known as The Bozo’s.

Angie (my nanna) sold ice cream from the trike around the streets of Cannon Street, while my mother and aunts worked in the shop. Most of our family were born in Duncombe Street then moved to a bigger house in Marsh Street. All my friends were from the central area of Cannon Street. My Saturday job was to help out in nanna’s shop and cut the chestnuts and set them ready for Farrar Street wrestling, which I sold outside as the locals went to see their wrestling heroes.

I’m researching my family history of my Italian grandparents from leaving Italy to setting up a shop in Middlesbrough. If any of your readers could help with any details of them it would be much appreciated.

Cannon Street was full of hard-working, hard-drinking men and women and I’m proud to say I came from Cannon Street.

My family consisted of parents: Walter and Santilla Warburton.

Brothers: Walter, Derek, Chrissie, Eric and Trevor.

Sisters: Shirley, Ann, Geraldine.


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