Dave Connor: Cannon Street

Cannon street was very long in comparison to other streets in the town it stretched from Boundary Road at the centre of town area to the end at Samuelson Street in the Newport area of the town.

The street numbers started at the Boundary Road end and the 1958 Middlesbrough Census showed that on the right of the street it started with Parish Church of St Columba then Sidney Street and then the start of the houses No 9 Mrs. A. Ackroyd. The odd numbers continued to No 363 the occupant being Mr. S. Small this house being on the corner of Cooper Street.

The even numbers started on the left hand side of the street No 4 Mr. R. Charlton. The even numbers continued to No 418 the occupant being Mr. F.F. Rowling.

The street is also remembered for the public houses, however, over the years there have been many questions raised as to which pub had two postal addresses and once again this is answered by the Middlesbrough Census of 1958.

The street had the following public houses
No 36 the Volunteer Hotel on the corner of Cannon Street and No 35/37 Denmark Street the license was Mr. F. Rowden.
No 58 the Turf Hotel on the corner of Cannon Street and Gladstone Street the license was Mr. T. Cooper.
No 84/86 the Royal Oak Hotel on the corner of Cannon Street and Lord Street the license was Mr. A.Duncan. This public house was also known for the gym and training facilities that it had above the pub.
No 81 the Cannon Hotel on the corner of Cannon Street and Lord Street the license was Mr. R. Mason.

The answer is the Royal Oak Hotel this was the only public house where the license was actually down for two addresses.

It should also be noted that these four public house where in the space of a couple of hundred yards.
The records show that in the very old days of the street there were another three public houses and these where at the Newport end of the street and they were closed down in the late 1800/1900
They were the Brunswick Hotel, the Ivy Hotel and the Ferry Boat Hotel this was on the site of the new Tees Bridge (Newport Bridge).

There could be another question raised here why was there no public house in later years after these three closed down and the public houses where only at the other end of the street maybe because they were nearer the town and works.

It should also be noted that in the 1958 Middlesbrough Census there were over sixty businesses in Cannon Street, these ranged from Bakers, fruiterer, builder, haulage, 2nd hand dealer, off licence, cafe, general store, butcher (there were actually two next door to each other No 71 C.E. Williamson and No 73 K. Rowney). Fish merchants, grocer, tobacconist, shoe repairs, draper, fish shop, sweet shop, furniture, joiner, tripe shop, hairdresser, ironmonger, pawnbroker, garage. As you can see this was a very busy street where you could get just about anything that you required without going into the town centre.

The street also had three churches the Parish Church of St Columba. St Patricks Roman Catholic Church and Cannon Street Congregational Church.

There was also a Public Slipper Baths.

This was yesteryear 1958 a history of a street that contains so many memories of the residents not only of Cannon Street but also the vast surrounding area of streets, all now gone only the Parish Church of St Columba and the gas tanks remain of the street and the area.

In the present day many of the shops in Middlesbrough are closing down or moving to the retail parks and yet on Cannon Street you could get anything.



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