50 Boundary Road – Northumberland Hotel

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceMark Outhwaite37HeadHotel ManagerDurham, DURCaroline Outhwaite33Wife Durham, DURHerbert Outhwaite13Son Durham, DURMatthew Outhwaite11Son Durham, DUREdith Outhwaite7Daughter Durham, DURArchie Kerrison30Boarder Eston, YKSMargaret Eliz Thompson18ServantServantWharton, CHSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupation     Located on the south east side of Cannon Street on the corner of Boundary Road and Adam Street.

56 Cannon Street – The Turf Hotel

Recorded jointly with 58 Cannon Street – The Turf Hotel Directory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationKelly’s 1913 Directory – 56 & 58 Cannon StreetAlfred JohnsonBeer retailer Located on the south east side of Cannon Street between Nelson Street and Gladstone Street.

84 Cannon Street – Royal Oak

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceErnest Bowman35HeadLicensed VictuallerMiddlesbrough, YKSEdith Bowman34Wife Brompton, YKSJohn William Bowman7SonSchoolMiddlesbrough, YKSErnest Bowman6SonSchoolMiddlesbrough, YKSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationKelly’s 1913 DirectoryErnest BowmanRoyal Oak P.H.  Located on the south east side of Cannon Street between Lord Street and Farrer Street.

36 Cannon Street – Volunteer Hotel

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceSamuel Hodge 32HeadHotel ManagerBirkenhead, CHSAnnie Elizabeth Hodge36Wife Hull, YKSAnnie Hodge9DaughterSchoolMiddlesbrough, YKSEva Hodge2Daughter Middlesbrough, YKSWilliam Luke Hodge75FatherRetired BuilderFaverstock, DEVGertrude Robinson16ServantGeneral servant (domestic)Middlesbrough, YKSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationKelly’s 1913 DirectorySamuel HodgeVolunteer Hotel   Located on the south east side of Cannon Street between Dean Street and Denmark Street.

58 Cannon Street – Turf Hotel

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceAlfred Johnson37HeadPublicanMiddlesbrough, YKSMary Johnson35WifeAssisting in the businessMiddlesbrough, YKSMargaret Harper17ServantGeneral servant domesticMiddlesbrough, YKSDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationKelly’s 1913Alfred JohnsonBeer retailer Located on the South East side of Cannon Street between Nelson Street and Gladstone Street 

81 Cannon Street – Cannon Hotel

1911 CensusNameAgeRelationOccupationBirthplaceRobert King64HeadLicensed victualler (manager)Alnwick, NBLAlbert Edward King20SonClerk (correspondence)Liverpool, LANDirectory entriesDirectoryNameOccupationKelly’s 1913Robert KingCannon Hotel Located on the North West side of Cannon Street between Lime Street and Lord Street.