Anthony Mario Di Carlo: Memories of Cannon Street

It was 1948, my parents with their two small girls and my mother pregnant, were on a ship bound for England. The war was over. Their homeland Italy was in chaos, people were starving. My parents made the big decision to leave their beloved families to make a better life in a better place. They […]

Albert Honeyman: Honeymans Merchants and Traders

My name, Honeyman was fairly well known in Cannon Street. Blacksmith Most Honeymans originated in Hutton Rudby, and a number of them moved into Middlesbrough in the 1860s,probably for work. My great great granddad, who was a blacksmith, was one of them. He was Richard Honeyman, married to Rebecca Mason, and in 1866 they were […]

Mike Johnson: The Last Year of Marsh Road Junior School

Well, I Knew this Wouldn’t be a Long Appointment! My first year of teaching was the last year of the school to which I had been appointed—Marsh Road School in the Cannon Street area of Middlesbrough. When I arrived at Marsh Road Junior School in September 1969 to start my probationary year its future was […]

Paul Ogleby: Growing Up at The Newport End of Cannon Street

Booth Street and Disraeli Street I grew up in Booth Street, although I was actually born in Disraeli Street. The house numbers in Booth Street started from no. 11, and there was a ‘common’ at the Laws Street end, where no’s 1 to 10 had been bombed during the war The Bomb Damage Laws St […]

Vic Wood: Memories of Croft Street

Croft Street ran from Newport Road up to Newport Street which ran parallel to the railway. Half way it was intersected by Cannon St. Locally we called the stretch from Newport Rd to Cannon St “High Croft St” and the stretch from Cannon St to the railway as ‘Low Croft St.’ The house was one […]

Frank Lowney: Memories of Fox Heads

Frank writes:- Location of Fox Heads The Foxheads area of Cannon St was really very small. It was situated about halfway along Cannon Street. It was bounded on the east by Marsh St, on the north by Newport St,on the south by Cannon St and on the west by the Gas Tank wall. The Streets […]