Andrew Malone

This is a photo of my dad, Andrew Malone, who was born in the Cannon Street area of Middlesbrough, in November 1923, the oldest of 7 children. It’s now another year since my dad passed away, 20th August 1970. As a young man, he was in the Navy during World War 2, and as a merchant seaman as well after the war, he met my mam, Jean Andrews, in around 1958-9, and married October 31st 1959, children soon followed. I’ve been told he used to take half the kids on the street every Sunday morning to Middlesbrough baths, and carried me on his shoulders one Xmas shopping day while my mam had all the shopping, poor mam, and then he unfortunately started with kidney failure which then took his life in August 1970, I wondered if there was anyone here who knew him or his family, his brothers and sisters were, in order, Emily, John, Patrick, Peter, Maureen and Joseph, his parents were Emily and Patrick (posted on Facebook by John Malone).

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  1. My sister Maureen married Pat Malone I remember all his family Andrew lived on parliament road with Jean and his children they were a lovely family.

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