Calthorpe Street

Calthorpe Street ran from Marsh Road School to Newport Road, crossing Cannon Street.

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Newspaper articles, images of Calthorpe Street and the people who lived there (click photos to enlarge)

Emily Gill Parsons Ged Parsons Martin Herbert Wood Stephen Murphy Ron Whitaker Lynn Allen

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  1. So lovely to see these pictures I have happy memories from my time when we lived at number 34 Calthorpe st Tolliday was my maiden name my sister Joyce was born there I lived there with mum dad sister Win brother’s Michael Vincent Roy and Derek my auntie Kitty lived further down with her son’s Christopher and Vincent Poole I remember the Hatton family next door to her I think I remember almost all the families in the street especially the Thynne family
    Margaret and Leonard Hawksby Plunkets Paton the Bush family little Harry Bush was knocked down and died on cannon st that was terrible for the family they moved away that was sad day but remember how the community all came together for the Queen’s coronation lovely memory’s

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