308 Cannon Street


1911 Census

Name Age Relation Occupation Birthplace
Charles Henry Colbeck 45 Head Storekeeper shipyard Middlesbrough, YKS
Elenor Jane Colbeck 43 Wife At home Middlesbrough, YKS
William Hill Colbeck 20 Son Wire drawer Middlesbrough, YKS
Henry March Colbeck 18 Son Tallow chandler Middlesbrough, YKS
Thomas Colbeck 16 Son Pattern maker Middlesbrough, YKS
Lena Colbeck 14 Daughter At home Middlesbrough, YKS
Edward Colbeck 12 Son School Middlesbrough, YKS
Bessie Colbeck 10 Daughter School Middlesbrough, YKS
James Colbeck 8 Son School Middlesbrough, YKS
Nelly Colbeck 2 Daughter At home Middlesbrough, YKS
Thomas Greenshields 78 Boarder Engine driver loco Kelloe, DUR
Henry Elliot Greenshields 51 Boarder Locomotive engine fitter Tudhoe, DUR

Directory entries

Directory Name Occupation
Kelly's 1913 Thomas Henry Byron Grocer


Located on the South East side of Cannon Street between Disraeli Street and Croft Street.


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  1. Then Annie McNeil and Johnnie McNeil had this Fruit / grocers shop. It then went to daughter Dorothy who married George Smith. They had 4 children George Anne Terry And Michael. Annie moved to 17 Tomlinson Street then to 27 Croft Street which was previously occupied by one of her sons. 64 Croft St was adjoined to 308 Cannon Street which was the shop
    Mick Bond the wrestler lived at 62 Croft Street he married Jean McNeil.
    Dorothy and George moved to Victoria Road in the late 60s

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