199 Cannon Street


1911 Census

Name Age Relation Occupation Birthplace
John Charles Williams 20 Head Apprentice moulder Middlesbrough, YKS
Mary Beatrice Williams 18 Wife   Middlesbrough, YKS
Thomas Henry Williams 5 m Son   Middlesbrough, YKS
Henry John Jones 38 Father-in-law Labourer general Abersychan, MON
Ann Jones 38 Mother-in-law   Witton Park, DUR
Sarah Jones 14 Sister-in-law   Middlesbrough, YKS
Thomas William Jones 12 Brother-in-law School Middlesbrough, YKS
Ellen Jones 10 Sister-in-law School Middlesbrough, YKS
Charles Jones 3 Brother-in-law   Middlesbrough, YKS
Ida Jones 8 m Sister-in-law   Middlesbrough, YKS

Directory entries

Directory Name Occupation
Kelly's 1913 William Martin Hair dresser


Located on the North West side of Cannon Street between Lawson Street and Gauntlet Street.


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